The Misfit Book Club Begins August 4th!

We're a book club for people who suck at book clubs

2 years ago

Episode Notes

Look: every bookworm has been there. You want to join a book club, but they're all in the middle of the day and an hour across town. And when you do find one that works, it can get even worse. Either the people are strange, or the books are bad, or no one talks about the book at all!

That's where The Misfit Book Club Podcast comes in.

We're a book club for the rest of us. No more trying to schedule a book club around your busy life. Just read the book at your own pace, pop in some headphones, and you're good to go! And if you want to make some new friends, we're all over social media. You can find us here:

Twitter: @misfitbookclub Insta: @misfitbookclub Goodreads: Misfit Book Club Facebook: Misfit Book Club Podcast Email:

Our goal is to build a fun, online community of opinionated, sassy bookworms who can share their love of reading with one another. So, let's get this party started!

Find out more on the Misfit Book Club website.

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